About Us

Smeraglia K9 Services is the provider to meet all of your training needs. We have course offerings to meet virtually any need. From in home, private training to group classes; from stay and train to live, online video consultations; from preparing for you new puppy seminars to competition and sport dog training; see our training services page to enroll today.

Smeraglia K9 Services provides high quality dogs/puppies for your companion/ partnership needs. From puppy to adult, from hypo-allergenic dogs to titled imports, from ready to be trained to meet your specifications to ready to go, visit our available dogs page to be matched with your new best friend.

Smerglia K9 Services provides unique services for those in need of the valuable skills a K9 can provide, but who are not in need of a K9. From discrete detector dog services to K9 escort services, see our K9 services page for more information.

Why Smeraglia?

Smeraglia K9 Services is the bet in the business because of few very key differences from other training service providers.

We are a one stop to meet all of your needs.
Most training service providers are individuals or possibly a small group of 5 or fewer trainers. We are a large group of trainers, office staff, groomers, etc. This allows our staff to specialize in different areas, allowing for easier and better matches to meet your individual needs and personality type. This also allows our staff to support each other. By offering a network of knowledgeable peers, we can come together and address behavioral issues other trainers will not even consider working with can even offer special courses by request that no one else offers; such as, kids and dog classes, breed/type specific or senior classes. The options are limitless. Our office staff makes contacting us, getting information, and enrolling an easy, hassle free process.

Our trainers know understand dog behavior and truly know how to train.
Our trainers truly understand how dog’s learn and know how to train to get the desired behaviors you are looking for. Our classes and sessions are not scripted and each one is unique from any other. Our trainers truly structure the session around the needs of the particpants and can address issues that do not follow the typical a-> b->c answers. You will never here one of our trainer say that your dog cannot be trained or that your dog failed a class. Our view is that trainer could not adjust to teach your dog or that the trainer failed you.

Our in person sessions always have at least 2 instructors.
This allows for a better trainer to client/dog ratio. Classes run more smoothly allowing for instruction and demo at the same time. There are fewer interruptions to instructions, with a second instructor helping with issues that arise. There is better trainer access for practice time and for asking questions. This offers twice the knowledge and availability for the most difficult questions both during and in between classes. Double the hands and eyes supervising all activities allows for a much safer class environment.