Detector Dog Services

Discreet Narcotics Detecting "Narc" Dogs For Drug Detection For Families

Smeraglia K9 Services provides a unique service to the public that has previously only been available to law enforcement. It is a legal & confidential drug detection service for your home.

We have trained and proven, certified narcotics detector dogs that can be hired with their handler to search your home in a discreet and confidential way. For the concerned parent looking to deter possible drug use, our K9 teams can thoroughly search and either find any narcotics present or put your mind at ease that there are none around. Smeraglia K9 Dogs provide you with a confidential method for finding out if someone you love or if someone you work with is using drugs in your home.

It is so important for parents to be proactive today when it comes to drug use by their children, our drug detection home team inspections can offer parents immediate notice of a potential life-threatening problem or some peace of mind.

Our dogs alert on 7 narcotic odors and will find not only what is currently there but also what recently has been.


Our narcotics detecting dogs can discreetly perform drug detection work inspections to those with concerns about the presence of drugs and can assist you with information to deal appropriately with the situation whatever the findings. This service can be done effectively in a short amount of time. The average home can be screened in approximately one hour. Smeraglia K9 is privately owned and offers confidential, non-invasive drug detection services. We are not affiliated with law enforcement or other government agencies and do not notify them of our findings.

Please contact us to set up a confidential appointment for your home, business or school. Our canines investigate all areas inside and outside, letting handlers know when they have detected the presence of drugs. Our narcotics detecting dogs and their certified handlers discreetly visit your home or business to search out any problems. In addition, we are available to participate in drug education events at your business, school or community events.

In the event of a positive alert, Smeraglia K9 provides you with resources and information to deal with your situation discreetly and privately. Both the visit and the outcome are totally confidential. Smeraglia K9's are detecting the presence of the odors therefore remediation can be managed at the discretion of the client that requested our services.

PRICE: $199 for 1st hour / $50 for each additional hour
(within 50 mile  radius - additional fees may apply)