Group Classes

Group are best for those who a want to train their dog themselves, with the guidance of our trainers. These classes normally meet 1 hour per week for 6-8 weeks. Each class will have a minimum of 2 instructors present and all have a limited enrollment, so early enrollment is highly recommended. All dogs must show proof of current vaccinations and a recent negative fecal check. Our instructors all use scientifically proven, reward based training techniques. Handouts, online and telephone follow ups on course topics, and a certificate of completion are all provided with each class.

Check the Smeraglia K9 Calander for the class schedule to find the class you need in the time slot you want. Once you select the class, it’s time to enroll.

Week one is owners only (except classes above intermediate)!! This is to allow owners freedom to fill out paperwork (if needed), check health records, and get everyone prepared for the first week with dogs. The first week with dogs can be very noisy and owners tend to be preoccupied with their pet. This is why week one with out dogs is so important. We use it to cover class rules and cover the basics of working with and training your partner. This preparation allows for a productive week 2 and sets up the rest of the course to flow very smoothly. Our final class is always a celebration of what we have learned and accomplished during the class.