Private Training

Private training sessions are ideal for those whose needs cannot be met in a group class. They are also perfect for those who enjoy the convience and flexibility of a class catering to their needs only. Private training sessions are scheduled to your time constraints and cover only the topics you need. Private training can be done via phone consults, video consult, or in person. Aggression issues can only be done in private training sessions.


  • $100 Per 1 hour  session for us to travel to you.

(within 30 mile driving distance, milage fee may be added for travel)

  • $50  Per 1 hour session if you travel to us

How It Works

Private training sessions are custom tailored training sessions. To set up an appointment either contact us or enroll now. We will call you back and to set up a consultation to communicate about what your training goals are and where your dog currently is in the training process. During this free consult we will set up a training plan and pin down a schedule.

After the initial consult training session will occur as planned. You will receive needed follow up and support throughout your training program. We provide handouts, videos, and other additional assistance for at home practice. Adjustments can be made at anytime to your program and/or schedule. Private training can be set up via online video conferencing, phone consults, in person at our location, or in person at your location.