Temperament Testing

Pup-U Students

All dogs enrolling in classes or day school at Smeraglia's Puppy University are temperament tested prior to enrollment. This is a free service provided by our trainers.

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Puppy Temperament Tests

Our temperament testing services provide an honest and unbiased personality profile of your puppy(s). Tests are done as close to 49 days of age as possible. During the test, an experienced evaluator, will give a basic health assessment and run the puppy through a series of test designed to evaluate the personality traits of the puppy. This allows for a much more accurate match between client and puppy. The traits we gauge during the test are energy level, personability/independence, tractability, confidence/timidness, possessiveness, playfulness, motivation, respectability, etc. Please check out our videos on Temperament tests being done. It is amazing the differences in puppies and their traits even at such a young age.

We offer temperament testing services to breeders looking to better match puppies to clients. We also offer temperament testing to clients looking for help finding the right puppy for their needs.

Video Series:

Intro To Temperament Test :

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6