Stay & Train Testimonials

I took Penny to the Vet today for her initial check-in. The Dr. was so impressed with her and the job you guys do that he asked me to contact you and tell you just that. He could also tell that she had been to a trainer too, because she was so calm and sweet while he handled her (not to mention how shocked he was that she sleeps through the night). He even said that if he were getting a dog at this point, and knowing all that he does, that he would get one of these doodles.

I was really a little surprised at just how much he went on about how impressed he was. He said I had really done my research and that you guys are to be commended! This is probably nothing new to hear, but wanted to share nonetheless.

Penny is adjusting well to her new home and making progress everyday. I'm sure I'll be in touch again soon, just wanted to pass this along.

- Carrie

I am currently a doodle owner as of 12/20/08. My husband and I were in search for a dog for our special needs children. Our hopes were to find a companion for them, that could meet all of their emotional needs as well as in the future, meet some of their physical needs, due to their handicap. The goldendoodles are very smart, easy to train, and loving. This inspired us to search for this type of dog. In searching for a doodle, I located Smeraglia Kennel on the internet. I noticed that one of the benefits that they offer are Therapy Doodles. As I began researching, I learned that I could purchase a doodle, and that Smeraglia Kennel/Doodle Prep School would train him and lay the ground work for further certification in becoming a Therapy Dog, in order to meet our specific needs. Let me just tell you, Smeraglia Kennel/Doodle Prep School did just that. They found a perfect match for our family! Our Dog, Barkley, is wonderful and we are really enjoying him. He is perfect. Prep School was very beneficial! He now has manners and obedience, and is extremely loving and tolerable of anything. I could not ask for anything more! Due to Barkley attending Prep School, he will not have to go through as much training as if he were starting out brand new. Also, Due to the training received at Prep School, Barkley is well on his way to being a wonderful Therapy Dog. Thank You Smeraglia Kennel/Doodle Prep School for helping make a dream come true for our family!!!!!!

- Stephanie, Chris, Carson, and Conner Lovelady

Just a note to thank you very much for your training of Truman before he was shipped to us. As the weeks pass and we meet other new puppy owners, we are continually reminded of how valuable your training was, and how much ‘pain & suffering’ we missed as a result of your training. On a second note, thank you equally for being available by phone to train us. You have saved us countless hours in learning how to communicate and understand with Truman. Both Dave & I strongly advocate your training to anyone who is new to puppies or don't want an extended period of house breaking and basic manners. We feel we are months ahead in our relationship with a well mannered Truman because of your involvement. Thank You!!

- Pam & Dave